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What is Consulting?

Most of us business people prefer to act as consultants in the one or the other sense. We are keen on consulting ourselves and, even more, on consulting others on all kind of circumstances as on software, on Apps, on the latest trends or on the options to implement “best practice” configurations. We even consult on preferences, behaviors and/or attitudes – with the purpose to gain advantages for the other – and of cause for, ourselves. As consultants we are expected to provide valid answers – mainly on other people’s issues – and problems. Valid answers and applicable solutions immediate, instantly – out-of-the-box.
As being a consultant on the client site for long, the clients even pay me/us with money for doing what we are here for: Consulting on Business Transformations programs as SAP™, Oracle™, Microsoft™ and many others more.

So far so good - nothing (or everything) is wrong with that traditional approach to consult people and organizations.

I just want to bring one more (relevant) concept into the consideration. The concept around the real customers’ business, the demands and desires – the business goals and the surrounding market circumstances. What I personally learned in all my projects is that the customers’ expectations and demands are not sufficiently reflected in an ordinary consulting strategy. Why, you ask? Because the consultant is here to consult – to provide answers – now, today, here, instantly - out-of-the-box. I call this situation the “pandemic of consulting”.

Why, you ask? Because the ordinary consultant’s disease is always to provide quick answers to almost every problem – as long it is the problem of others of cause! This fact is what I call the “consulting-disease” – and the traditional expectation of the client makes out of this consulting-disease the thing I call the “Consulting-Pandemic”. The “Consulting-Pandemic” can (and quit often will) infect the whole context the project runs in. The costumers full scale organization.
I guess you have also heard about the failing of projects (in other organizations, of cause). And, I can personally ensure you the disaster list is a quite long one.

The Pandemic in the clients organization grows even wilder as the Project Management in the clients organization also acts in the consulting mode and tries to solve the up-rising issues with the consultants inherent mind-set.